Experiential Disc Golf

Experiential disc golf course design is an approach to course design that focuses on creating a unique and memorable experience for players on an emotional and sensory level. Traditional disc golf course design utilizes the natural landscape, such as trees, water features, and elevation changes to create unique, challenging, and fun courses. Experiential Course Design expands on this to create courses that are not just functional, but also incorporate elements that engage players on multiple levels.

What Makes an Experiential Course Different?

Image of a birds tomial tooth and how it relates to a holes design using the experiential design concept

Experiential Courses begin with a theme, whether that be the native flora or fauna, the local geological history of the area, or even something a little further afield such as elements of the periodic table, historical figures or great literary stories!  Using that theme our designers research and identify compatible characteristics that can be used in, or represented as features of, a disc golf hole. We consider characteristics that match with one of our senses such as sight, sound, touch or even taste and smell which all work together to stimulate and immerse the player in the game, and in the telling of the story!

From illustrating a woodpeckers "zygodactyl" feet in the fairway design, or creating a "tomial tooth" hole rather than a "dog leg", players on one of our nature themed Experiential Disc Golf Courses won't just read about wildlife, they'll experience it as a physical part of the game!  Our nature themed Experiential Disc Golf Courses make particularly excellent recreational solutions for Parks and Conservation Areas looking to provide new and unique opportunities for their visitors!


What Other Features Do Experiential Courses Offer?

Experiential Disc Golf can go well beyond design though! Using sound, light, movement, or even artistic installations, we can further expand on the depth of the experience.  Integrating technology, involving both on and off hole components, or finding new and compelling ways to engage players through emotion and sensory input are just some of the ways we can create the experience you're looking for.

Consider adding some humour tied to the melancholy songs of the meadowlark while playing their birdsong in the background. Or, imagine a nighttime light installation for "glowie" players cascading through the colours of a rainbow and the frequency of each colours wavelength. Experiential courses can incorporate art and sculpture into the course design as well. This can be in the form of functional elements, such as benches and waste receptacles, or as larger installations that are integrated into the course layout itself.

Two large premium tee signs with interpretive material for an experiential disc golf course

Features on and off your Experiential Disc Golf Course will vary, with some being quite obvious, while others being more subtle. We dont' want players to miss a single facet of the experience though, so we utilize an expanded version of our player-loved Premium Interpretive Tee Signage to outline what to expect on each hole as well.


Tying It All Together

The end goal of Experiential Disc Golf is to create memorable experiences that players will want to repeat over and over. This means the experiences we design can't be based on simple gimmics seen out on some courses today. The features we create must add to the game, not introduce elements of chance, distraction, or compromise. This is something only a professional disc golf course design firm that is devoted to the delivery of high quality experiences can offer, because it takes, time, effort, research and attention to the little details. In Experiential Disc Golf, Fluent Disc Sport has developed a disc golf solution that can open up the game to entirely new audiences while still providing the challenge and entertainment value that an experienced player is looking for. Let Fluent Disc Sport create an experience your players will not soon forget!

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