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Fluent Disc Sport is a professional Disc Golf Course Design firm, headquartered in Ontario, Canada, and providing a full range of Disc Golf related products and services to clients across North America. Our design philosophy holds safety and sustainability as core tenets; values which guide our choices and help us provide exceptional Disc Golf experiences that are embraced by both player and owner.

Disc Golf Course Design is also a balance between science and art!  It combines the desire to highlight and promote the natural beauty of your property, its natural resources, and what makes it unique, with statistics like throw percentages, flight characteristics, and spray patterns. Understanding both the art and the science, and executing a vision that also meets the needs and goals of you, the property owner, is something that only a Professional Disc Golf Course Designer can bring to the table.

Disc Golf Courses designed by Fluent Disc Sport aim to provide a consistently fun and challenging experience that can be enjoyed year after year.  We strive to make sure every hole is something unique and special for players at any level.

Let our team work with you to identify the best fit for your property, our solutions include Recreational, Tournament and Championship Level Disc Golf Courses, as well as Compact, Skills Development, or Temporary Event Disc Golf Courses.  Regardless of the size or type of property you have, we'll ensure you can make an informed decision!

We would love to hear about your project and provide answers to any questions you may have, please reach out and let us know how we can help!

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Tailored Disc Golf Solutions

Disc Golf has ARRIVED! The sport has been experiencing explosive growth in popularity for more than a decade, but over the last few years has surged beyond all expectations. With most courses today being recreational style, and the large gap between a recreational course and what players are craving as they advance, the quality of new courses has never mattered more. Fluent Disc Sport has the expertise and experience needed to deliver destination level, tourament ready courses.  We can design and build courses that can compete for not only local players, but regional, national, and even global travellers. Like traditional golf, families are now basing decisions on where they live, where they travel, and where they play based on the quality of courses accessible to them, so let Fluent Disc Sport help you deliver a disc golf experience that will put you on the map!

Resorts, Hotels and Tourism

Disc Golf can help expand shoulder season overnight stays, and increase repeat visits because of it's year long season. Attract new guests with a low maintenance amenity!

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Golf Courses and Venues

Disc golf can be integrated into Golf Courses in more than one way and bring substantial benefits like increasing food and beverage returns and growth in proshop sales!

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Parks & Conservation Areas

"Experiential Disc Golf Courses" are an amazing new way to take interpretive experiences to the next level at Conservation Areas and Provincial and National Parks!

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The 3 E's of
Disc Golf

Disc golf is: Economical

Unlike other sports, disc golf is comparatively inexpensive, and land needs are simple and flexible.  Our baskets are manufactured to the highest level of quality and durability, and to back that up come with up to a 25 year warranty even in permanent outdoor installations!  Smaller courses can opt for temporary baskets that can be brought out when needed, or we can even construct a set of "tonal" targets.

To top it off, courses require very little maintenance once installed, keeping the total cost of ownership lower than any other sport of this kind! There are a wide range of options for every budget, but at the end of the day, disc golf is one of the most economical sports you can choose to invest in!

Disc Golf is: Ecological

Disc golf is played above the ground, not on it, so rocks, trees, and other natural obstacles are par for the course! The land we're privileged to work with will often dictate how the course is designed, in fact we encourage this. Our first step in designing a course is to identify the most striking natural features of your land, whether that be water features, old mature trees, rocks or other obstacles, and to ensure these natural treasures are celebrated and enhanced!

Once we're done carving out the actual course, forests are left healthier, soil compaction is minimized, and things like light and future growth are optimized... embracing the natural features makes for a balanced ecology!

Disc Golf is: Enjoyable

People of all walks of life, from toddlers to seniors, can all play this fun, easy, and low impact sport, all without the time commitment of the "other golf"!  It's common that a public 18 holes can take as little as 90 minutes to play, though on your private cottage or camp course, it may take just as long to get the kids to come in for meals once they're hooked!

For the same reason that people enjoy sports like "ball golf", where there is both a physical, but also a mental component, where fine tuning your technique, and making the right disc choice can make or break a hole, this sport can become incredibly addictive.  It's also simple enough you can take out just a putter and spend some quality time with friends and family.


I wanted to take a moment to offer some unsolicited feedback regarding the Disc Golf Course you built for us during the Spring of 2023. The extraordinary service/attention we received from Fluent Disc Sport is second to none. Not only was Kevin friendly and efficient but extremely capable, resourceful and to put it bluntly, he gets it done! I have worked in the hospitality industry for many years and I can say with confidence that I consider myself lucky to have been connected with Kevin & Fluent Disc Sport.

People are very quick to comment when unhappy so I wanted to be sure to pass along some kudos after this wonderfully positive experience! Please pass along my sincerest thanks to everyone involved. I congratulate you for the amazing service and wonderful product!

Thanks for your time and all the very best.

Gary Don
Severn Lodge  |  Port Severn, ON  |  Jul 17, 2023

During the assessment that Fluent Disc Sport completed, they acknowledged that the property was a multi-use property, with multiple attributes that benefit the community; their assessment considered all activities equally. The assessment was thorough, and outlined constructive steps for improvement, for long-term course viability.

Nathan Schoelier
Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority  |  Clinton, ON  |  May 12, 2023

Working with Fluent Disc Sport to design our disc golf course was great. Kevin was very flexible with the design and able to accommodate our needs regarding habitat protection and sensitive features on the property. Kevin was a great advocate for the course and was professional in dealing with our neighbours and other park visitors. It was very important for us to show where recreation and conservation can co-exist and Kevin was fantastic at being able to bring that to the design of the disc golf course!

Conservation Lands Staff
Kawartha Lakes Conservation Authority  |  Ken Reid Conservation Area, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario  |  Feb 24, 2023
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We would love to hear about your project and provide answers to any questions you may have!

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Fluent Disc Sport is headquartered in beautiful Huntsville (Muskoka), Ontario, Canada which is quickly becomming one of the premiere Disc Golf Travel Destinations in the world!  We provide professional disc golf course design, assessment, renovation and related services, as well as disc golf course equipment and supplies throughout North America!  Our project team is ready and able to work with you to help your Disc Golf Course reach its highest potential, Contact Us today and let us walk you through it!
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