Compact Courses

Compact Disc Golf Courses are simply compressed versions of full disc golf courses, with hole lengths ranging from 75' to 200' long, and with a maximum Par of 3.  We try to incorporate the same types of obstacles, throw types, and hole styles into the design, just on a shorter scale.  They offer a similarly enjoyable game to their larger cousins, and for players coming into their own, are the natural graduation point from Par2 Courses.

These shorter courses have much smaller land requirements as compared to full sized courses, in fact we've installed 9 hole courses on properties as small as 2 acres!  But just like their larger siblings, these courses can come complete with Tee Pads, Signage, and professional Baskets!

Due to their smaller land requirements and shorter throws, HD courses are often an ideal solution for providing disc golf in multi-use parks, or in closer proximity to other venue features, without sacrificing the safety of players or other facility guests!

Putter / Par2 Courses

Putter Courses or Par 2 Courses are courses where every hole is an "Ace Shot", or short enough for a hole-in-one even for newer or younger players.  Holes are designed to be between 35' and 80' long, and serve to help players work on their short game.  Holes can be installed with individual tees, or with multiple putting locations for the same basket in order to increase the variety of throw scenarios.

Even muicipal parks with limited space can play host to putter courses due to their shorter holes and small footprint.  Think of Putter or Par 2 courses like you would mini-golf, where we're only building holes with greens, but no fairways.  We still utilize obstacles, and elevation to challenge players and to force certain types of putts on certain holes.


It's no longer a fight to get the kids to go outside... now it's trying to get them to come back in!

Jacqueline Farley
Huntsville, ON  |  Jul 11, 2019

Skills Development Courses

Skills Development Courses or Facilities are able to be installed into the smallest footprint of the Short Track Courses.  They are suitable as a bolt on to a larger course installation, or can also be installed as a stand-alone feature in a Park or Parkette setting.  Skills Development Courses provide a practice area for players before rounds, provide a variety of putting practice scenarios, or can be used as a teaching facility for short game improvement and introductory play.

WIthout any long throws, players and their flying discs are limited to a smaller field and so can be in closer proximity to other park features and attractions.  When paired with signage, these courses provide excellent exposure for the sport in more popular settings, and can include instructions for how to use the facility, and where to aquire equipment for new players.

Incorporating themed obstacles, resiliant outdoor art, natural features, and other local culture into these installations can provide another vehicle for interpretive programming and information as well.

Temporary / Event Courses

If your business, town, or event is looking for something extra, consider a temporary disc golf course.  These can be set up in small areas using baskets with "portable bases" which are easy to set up and take down, and leave no footprint once removed.  With adequate space and/or buffers available, temporary courses can even be placed in closer proximity to other attractions.  Our designers will always ensure that safety is maintained and fun is maximized!  Event courses provide both players and spectators something to do and add an active component that is fun for all ages! 

We've designed temporary courses for both Summer and Winter events, enabling hundreds of families to experience the sport and learn about their local clubs.  Temporary courses for events can also provide a good anchor for disc golf merchandise and equipment vendors and can increase your event revenues through vendor profit sharing agreements.

Contact our team today with details about your event and let us provide you with some options!


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