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There are lots of reasons why players will want to track their rounds, and lots of ways to accomplish that between modern score tracking apps for phones and digital devices like UDisc, or the PDGA tracker and the classic paper scorecard. The answer to which is right is actually in the players hands, don't force them one way or the other.  Your responsibility as a course operator is to provide options to make score tracking convenient, and your players will appreciate the effort!

Fluent Disc Sport includes course promotion and population of digital course directories as part of its design + build services, ensuring that not only is your course found, but it's easy to track games in digital apps and on mobile devices. The one place where courses on private properties, resorts and hotels, golf facilities, etc. often fall short is relying entirely on the digital apps. Families playing casually, or players trying out the game aren't necessarily going to have the digital apps installed, and even if they do take that step, nobody wants to have to learn an app for the first time while trying to focus on this new sport. Even accomplished players often prefer to leave their devices behind when paper scorecards are an option!

Finishing touches are what will set your course apart, and having a convenient, well designed and easy to use paper scorecard available is a simple way to achieve this!


Custom Scorecards

Our graphic design team can produce a scorecard for your course that compliments and embraces your branding, colour scheme, and any other important aspects of the experience you want to offer. Our custom designed scorecards can include things like:

  • Course maps with holes, transits, etc.
  • Critical hole information like tee options, distances and par
  • Scoring space, in and out tallys, and totals for 4-6 players
  • Course rules, game rules, safety guidelines, and ettiquette
  • Course specific information, etc.

Our scorecards are produced in a way that allows for both colour and greyscale reproduction with good legibility in both cases. We can fulfill as much of the process as you need as well, offering end to end solutions or simple do-it-yourself options. We can handle the production and printing and deliver your complete scorecards right to your door, provide prepress ready files for supply to your local print shop, or even supply PDF's set up for use in-house allowing you to print to cardstock with multiple cards per sheet as needed.

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