Tournament Courses

This style of course is designed around hosting 72+ players at once for tournament play and the logistics of moving them effeciently through their round. This is the first level of course that is generally designed for a dedicated Disc Golf space. Tournament Disc Golf Courses are also the first real step into the competetive side of the sport with a higher par, typically 61, consisting of multiple par 4's and at least one par 5.  The length of the course grows along with the par to between 6500' and 8500', and the holes are carved wider and often with more multi line options and risk vs. reward scenarios.

Because these are longer courses with wider fairways the land requirements are also larger, requiring an average of 2-3 acres per hole, or 36+ acres.  We also consider other factors during the design phase such as available parking to accommodate larger player fields, potential bottle necks during rounds, the length of transitions between holes, and access to other amenities on site.

As one would expect with a course designed for hosting tournaments, the quality and size of tee pads is generally recommended to be better and so we focus on concrete or artificial turf throwing surfaces 10-14' long and at least 5' wide.  High quality signage with lots of directional transition arrows, and caution signs for potential galleries round out the tees and paths, and baskets rated for A-Tier tournaments or above serve for targets.

Recreational Courses

A recreational disc golf course is ideal for a wide array of locations, from municipal recreational facilities that might require multi-use, to private land owners wanting a family friendly installation. These courses have modest land requirements, needing 25+ acres of room to accommodate the average 1-2 acres needed per hole.  Recreational courses are the next step up from High Density / HD Courses and begin to introduce longer hole lengths including par-4's.  While still capable of providing the full range of tees, this size of course typically focuses on the Red and White, or Red and Blue combinations targeting the novice and intermediate players, but still providing some challenge and fun for advanced players too.

A variety of different throwing surfaces, and a larger selection of baskets can accommodate a wider range of budgets making these attractive options for towns, and parks and recreation departments.  Recreational courses can be designed with multi-use in mind to maximize the safety of both players and other park users by avoiding blind throws, keeping paths away from driving zones, creating well defined paths, and installing additional cautions signs and information about the sport to educate visitors. 

These courses are perfect for school groups or camps running sports programs and can help expand opportunities for kids to play more outdoor sports throughout more of the year, and even into the winter.  This size of course is also well suited to older players and seniors as they are generally more accessible and on easier terrain.

Championship Disc Golf Courses

Championship Disc Golf Courses are the pinacle of the sport, offering the broadest range of challenge, length, and variety.  "Championship" doesn't necessarily mean they're not accessible to lesser skilled players... in fact, it allows us the flexibility to install up to 5 sets of tees (Red, White, Pink, Blue, Gold) each tailored to a specific player skill level giving everyone a chance to play and enjoy their game equally!  If anything, these are the most accessible courses in terms of the player base they can accommodate.

Championship level courses aim for a Par of 67 which encompases multiple par 5's, many par 4's and rounding out with par 3's.  This greater number of multi-shot holes allows for added complexity in the hole designs themselves, using concepts like risk vs. reward, and multiple lanes to their fullest potential. 

With larger courses, come expanded land requirements, but not necessarily only for the holes themselves.  Championship courses, while already by their nature attractive tournament destinations, can also be more completely designed with "Major" tournaments in mind from day one, using a more spread out routing to accommodate both larger player fields, but also the prospective galleries of spectators.  While they can be installed in smaller spaces, an ideal property would be 65+ acres.  This added space allows for the integration of spectator viewing areas and corridors, media placements, and event support infrastructure.

While certain characteristics will be common across all Championship level disc golf courses, these courses offer the most flexibility to meet the goals of the owners when it comes to finishings and ammenities. The Fluent team will work with you to create a plan that will meet all of your needs, and exceed the expectations of your players and visitors!

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