Increased Occupancy

The number one desire from every resort and hotel we've spoken to, large or family operated, is the same thing... getting "heads in beds". Some seasons sell themselves, but shoulder seasons and off-seasons are a different story. When occupancy is down and potential guests have the ability to shop around for destinations with the best amenities, the accommodators with something unique that you don't get to experience everywhere you go are the ones that will stand out. Enter Disc Golf.

Disc Golf is played year round!Disc Golf is something that families are playing together because it's a healthy outdoor recreational sport that every age group can enjoy!  The best part is that Disc Golf is played year round, not just during your high season.  Disc Golfers are active at all times of the year, so whatever season you're looking to bolster for your resort or hotel, Disc Golf can be a valuable amenity without even discusing the other benefits it can offer.


More Than an Amenity

Even more than an amenity, Disc Golf can actually pack your hotel or resort solid when you never thought possible when you take into account tournaments!  Besides lodging, when you take into account food and beverage services, merchandise, and greens fees, Disc Golf can be a major boost to your bottom line on a repeating basis with even just a single tournament a year.

A typical tournament on an 18 hole "Recreational" course using a shotgun start can accommodate 72 players, but unlike traditional golf, Disc Golf can include "temporary holes" which can add an additional foursome per hole. It's common to see 21 hole layouts hosting 84 players. When played on a larger "Tournament" or "Championship" style course, single round days with two shutgun starts per day can see upwards of 150 players or more taking part.

In fact, the new for 2022, Fluent Disc Sport designed "Wolf Tracks" Championship disc golf course at Bondi Cottage Resort in the hamlet of Dwight, Ontario was selected to host the Ontario Provincial Disc Golf Championships by the ODSA (Ontario Disc Sport Association) just before it opened to the public for the first time. Wolf Tracks played home to 168 players for 3 days less than 4 months after opening; a testament to the quality and workmanship that goes into our courses. The event took place the weekend after Thanksgiving, traditionally post-tourist season at the resort, when they might see one booked cottage in an average year. The resort was not only able to fill their lodgings, but also had more than 400+ paid green fees, branded merchandise sales, and the exposure that the resort received through the events promotion across the province.


Knock-on Effects

It's easy to see how an amenity like Disc Golf can play a role in increased occupancy, or how tournaments can provide focused revenues in otherwise down seasons, but what about the knock-on effects that increased guests have on your other profit centres?  Resorts or Hotels with food and beverage services like on-site dining, tuck-shops, or room service can expect growth from those as well. And what about other paid activities like recreational, digital, health and wellness, casual or otherwise... Just like any hotel guests, a certain proportion of the new guests will utilize other on-site services growing revenues across the board.

According to the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) Demographics Report for the end of 2021, more than 53% of players fall between 30 and 49 years of age (prime family rearing years), and Junior Memberships (<16 years of age) grew by a staggering 75% year over year. Families are looking for activities, and in the shadow of the last few years, they're looking for active outdoor activities they can do together.  Disc Golf checks all the boxes and should be on your radar!



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