Disc Golf Course Signage

The biggest thing besides the course design itself that can ruin a players experience is sub-par signage!  Signage or a lack thereof can have a real and tangible effect on your courses popularity, over and over again one of the first comments after a players first visit to a new course is about the quality of its signage!

Fluent's Graphic Design staff hand craft every sign we create paying close attention to all of the finer details ensuring that the signs at a glance have everything a player could need.  We can produce full packages of Tee Signs, Caution Signs, Transition Signs, and as you saw above complete Course Maps and Welcome Signs!

Looking to maintain your existing brand appearance, no problem, we can tailor every sign to adhere to your brand guidelines, colour schemes, and logo placement rules making sure that your course looks the part!


Course Maps and Welcome Signs

Fluent Disc Sport isn't limited the course design, we also have top notch graphic designers at the ready to create or update your courses signage and maps!  Our team can create maps for use on your welcome sign, maps for use online or for downloadable course maps, and even event specific maps with your tournament specific "out-of-bounds" information, etc.  Contact us today to discuss updating your courses maps!

Course Map Features

Course maps are one of the first impressions that players will have of your Disc Golf course, so let Fluent ensure it's the best it can be! Our signs are not only large pieces of art, but we also ensure that all of the necessary and relevant information is included and easily identified so that there are no questions left unanswered.

Fluent course maps include:

  • Course Branding
  • Major Sponsor Branding
  • Course Amenities and Map Key
  • The PDGA Disc Golfers Code to Inspire Responsible Play and Conduct
  • Course Length with Tee and Hole Breakdown
  • Disc Golf Rules, Safety and Etiquette Information
  • We can also customize any feature of the map to suit your specific needs including custom colour schemes to match your branding guidelines.



Tee Signs

Courses come in all shapes and sizes, and one size does NOT fit all so Fluent offers Disc Golf Tee Signs in three different styles to suit your needs!  Our Basic Tee Signs are perfect for short or compact courses that aren't very complex. The also offer flexibility to courses that aren't in their final form yet but want to look the part until completion.  Our Standard Tee Signs set the bar for the rest of the industry, with every sign custom designed around the characteristics of your holes. They include beautifully crafted custom maps with everything a player needs to know. Finally, our Premium Interpretive Tee Signs are the envy of the industry. They expand upon the standard signs by adding fully custom interpretive signage to match your courses theme. The Premium Interpretive signs are also what we use in our "Experiential Disc Golf Courses"!

Tee Sign Features

Tee signs will be the form of signage that your players interact with the most... by a wide margin, so it's important that you ensure they embody the level of quality you want people to feel about the course as a whole. 

Fluent's Disc Golf Tee Signs are the best in the industry, providing more information without feeling cluttered, presenting it in a modern and stylish manor, and going above and beyond to ensure the impression they leave is a positive one!

Fluent Tee Signs include:

  • Course Branding
  • Bright and Easily Recognizable Tee Colour Bands
  • Accessibility Aides for Players with Colourblindness or Low Reading Comprehension
  • Critical Hole Information Including Lengths in Both Metric and Imperial Units
  • Elevation Profiles of the Hole (Std. & Prm.)
  • Fully Custom Hole Maps (Std. & Prm.)
  • Professionally Designed and Written Interpretive Content (Prm.)

Hole Sponsor Signs

Not every land owner, municipality, community organization, or club has the budget needed for a top notch disc golf course, but that doesn't mean that they can't build support to fill the gap!  We offer matching Hole Sponsor signs that match the size and shape of our different Tee Signs and can be arranged in a variety of ways to give you the flexibility you need to sell sponsorships the way you want!

While we *can* integrate sponsors right into your signage, we generally recommend against it for two important reasons. First is, if you need to replace a sponsor, or need to replace a sign, when they're combined you have to do both, typically at a higher cost than just one of them.  And second, combining them doesn't allow you to rotate sponsors after a period of time.  Rotating allows you to sell sponsorships for a period of time, or it allows you to give others the opportunity when space is limited.

Sponsor signs are available in a number of sizes:

  • SM: 6" x 6" - Matches Basic Signs
  • MD: 9" x 6" - Matches Regular Standard Signs
  • LGV: 9" x 12" - Matches Regular Standard Side by Side
  • LGH: 12" x 9" - Matches Large Standard with 2 Stacked Sponsors
  • XL: 12" x 18" - Matches Large Standard Side by Side

Reach out if you have special requirements and we'll custom design your sponsor signs to suit your needs!

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