Why get an assessment?


Disc Golf has evolved over the decades, but never more so than in the last 10 years!  Disc technology has changed and discs are flying further; the sport has grown in popularity and so courses are getting more crowded; parks where courses have been installed have gotten busier; weather events are causing changes to the landscape; and course design standards exist today that didn't exist when most courses were built. Whatever the reason you're considering an assessment for your course, we'll bring all of our knowledge and experience to bare to help you meet your goals in a safe and responsible manor.


What's included?

Safety Review

Image of a sample hole review found in a disc golf course assessment

One of the most important components of our assessments is a safety review that outlines potential hazards, and provides a list of mitigation options to help reduce or eliminate those risks. Professional disc golf course designers carry large insurance policies which cover their designs in perpetuity, however the reality is that most courses in existence were designed by clubs or avid players, leaving themselves and the land owners open to litigation in the unfortunate event of an accident. Our safety reviews, and the subsequent mitigation plans will help aleviate that liability when fully implemented, reducing exposure and more importantly, will help to prevent accidents before they take place!

Performance Analysis

With discs flying longer, and design concepts embracing the uniqueness of their more flexible flight lines, older courses that may have been designed well at the time, or even newer courses that were designed without a professional, may not be meeting the needs of todays players.  We'll provide an analysis of each hole on the course, as well as a report on the course as a whole, outlining how it performs in the context of your target audience. In some cases, adjusting, or adding alternative tees, shortening or lengthening holes, updating equipment, or even simply increasing signage, can mean the difference between a course that sees a few rounds a month and one that sees hundreds, or even thousands of rounds. 


What's Next?

Contact Fluent Disc Sport today to discuss your needs and goals, and to set up either an On-Site Assessment, or a Limited Remote Assessment.  We look forward to helping you provide a safer, more fun and challenging course to your players, and to helping alieviate the risk to the land owner.



During the assessment that Fluent Disc Sport completed, they acknowledged that the property was a multi-use property, with multiple attributes that benefit the community; their assessment considered all activities equally. The assessment was thorough, and outlined constructive steps for improvement, for long-term course viability.

Nathan Schoelier
Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority  |  Clinton, ON  |  May 12, 2023
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