We pledge...


  1. To enjoy the work of bringing Disc Golf, the sport we love, to as many people as we can, sharing the physical and mental benefits, and making lots of new friends along the way!
  2. To provide equal opportunity to everyone to play disc golf, whether that be through design, through player development, through community engagement, or otherwise.  Everyone should have the chance to enjoy this great sport!
  3. To value the contributions that everyone makes when bringing a new course to reality. It takes a lot of people, a lot of dedication, and a lot of heart to go from dreams to a grand opening!
  4. To remember where we came from, and what it took to get here. We all start somewhere and walk our own paths, but today we're here walking together, making it happen!
  5. To put everything we can into each and every course we have the privilege to work on; we thank you for trusting us to bring the vision to reality!


... signed, everyone at

Fluent Disc Sport

The Honourable Harvest

We at Fluent Disc Sport embrace the concept of the honourable harvest in every meaningful way we can, asking permission of the environment, listening to the guidance of the land, and working in partnership with the wildlife to create courses and experiences that will thrive well into the future.

The land that we have the privilege to work with is not simply a resource that we work on... it’s a home to many others and with them we strive to find a balance. The courses we build are a gift to us from the land and its inhabitants, and in accepting this gift, we also accept the responsibility of giving back in meaningful ways, of only taking what we need, and then using all that we take in ways that promote a healthy environment.

Some of the ways we do this are:

  • Maintaining buffers to established wildlife corridors,

  • Reusing felled trees, limbs and other foliage in the construction of course elements,

  • Performing work during times of the year that will disturb the environment the least when possible,

  • Using species identification, and an understanding of their light, moisture, and wind tolerances to promote healthy forests during and well after course work,

  • Work to mitigate what effect changing traffic patterns will have on the land itself,

  • Identify native species of plant, shrub, and tree for use in re-planting to support existing ecosystems.

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Want to give disc golf a try before you decide if it's right for your property?  We'd be more than happy to meet you for a round at a local course, or find you someone from a club in your area to play with!
Fluent Disc Sport is headquartered in beautiful Huntsville (Muskoka), Ontario, Canada which is quickly becomming one of the premiere Disc Golf Travel Destinations in the world!  We provide professional disc golf course design, assessment, renovation and related services, as well as disc golf course equipment and supplies throughout North America!  Our project team is ready and able to work with you to help your Disc Golf Course reach its highest potential, Contact Us today and let us walk you through it!
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