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Great courses aren't simply a product of a great design, they're the end result of a team of skilled and experienced people working together toward a common goal.  To provide the best service, and solutions we can, we've brought together a group of people from varried and complimentary backgrounds and skill sets to do just that!

Some of our teams expertise beyond expert course design includes:

  • Digital services design and delivery

  • Operations and facility management

  • Human resources development

  • Business development and sales management

  • Landscape design

  • Travel and tourism

  • Education and training

  • Event management

Most of the team have come from having run their own companies, for a combined 80+ years of entrepreneurial experience! We understand what it takes to not just design great courses, but to run great companies that deliver quality experiences, and companies that understand how to support their clients from start to finish, and beyond!












Want to give disc golf a try before you decide if it's right for your property?  We'd be more than happy to meet you for a round at a local course, or find you someone from a club in your area to play with!
Fluent Disc Sport is headquartered in beautiful Huntsville (Muskoka), Ontario, Canada which is quickly becomming one of the premiere Disc Golf Travel Destinations in the world!  We provide professional disc golf course design, assessment, renovation and related services, as well as disc golf course equipment and supplies throughout North America!  Our project team is ready and able to work with you to help your Disc Golf Course reach its highest potential, Contact Us today and let us walk you through it!
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