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Glossary of Disc Golf Terminology

There are many different names for disc golf shots, hole shapes, equipment, achievements, etc. and some may vary by region or player preference. Here are some of the most common Disc Golf terms you'll hear tossed around... 2 Meter Rule: A rarely used rule that states if the disc comes to rest more than 2m above the ground you must take a penalty stroke to bring it down. Ace: A hole in one, where the disc is thown directly from tee to basket. Air Bounce: When the disc seems to move u... Read more about Glossary of Disc Golf Terminology
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The Many Throws of Disc Golf

One of the great and distinguishing things about Disc golf is that it requires a wide variety of throws, each with its own unique characteristics and applications to complete the average course. Here is a list of some of the most common disc golf throws and their intended uses: Backhand The backhand throw is the most common throw in disc golf. It is performed by holding the disc with your fingers on the underside and your thumb on the top, and pulling the disc across the front of you... Read more about The Many Throws of Disc Golf
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Disc Golf and Insurance Explained

There are a lot of people these days asking about insurance for Disc Golf. It could be a first time Tournament Director wondering, ‘Is my event is covered?’, or maybe a land owner wondering, ‘Is it okay for people to show up at my private property to play my personal course that I want to share with the community?, or a business wondering, ‘What are we liable for if we have a course built?’ There are also questions that aren't being asked, such as, ‘Am ... Read more about Disc Golf and Insurance Explained
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How to Design a Disc Golf Course

The honest to goodness answer is, unless you are a private land owner who only wants to design something for you, your family and maybe some friends, the answer will always be "You shouldn't", and there are some very strong reasons for that.  I really hope I haven't lost you already because I'm still going to go over some of the work we do, and how you can build something fun, challenging and enjoyable for yourself further down the page!   You Shouldn'... Read more about How to Design a Disc Golf Course
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A Short History of Disc Golf

While Disc Golf may have found its critical mass in recent years, it's still relatively new to the public at large. The exact origins of disc golf are not entirely clear, but it is believed that the sport may have its roots in Canada. The earliest known reference to a disc golf-like game comes from Bladworth, Saskatchewan, in 1926. A group of elementary students created a game called "Tin Lid Golf," which involved throwing tin can lids into designated targets, such as tree... Read more about A Short History of Disc Golf
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