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The Many Throws of Disc Golf

Monday, Apr 3, 2023 5:00pm | Fluent Disc Sport

One of the great and distinguishing things about Disc golf is that it requires a wide variety of throws, each with its own unique characteristics and applications to complete the average course. Here is a list of some of the most common disc golf throws and their intended uses:


The backhand throw is the most common throw in disc golf. It is performed by holding the disc with your fingers on the underside and your thumb on the top, and pulling the disc across the front of your body, with the back of your hand pointing away, until its release. This is a very versitile throw lending to it's popularity.


The forehand throw, also known as the "sidearm" or "flick", is performed by holding the disc with your fingers on the underside and your thumb on the top, though unlike the backhand, you stand facing the opposite direction, and throwing the disc with a flicking motion using your wrist.


Unlike the backhand or forehand style shots, the overhead is thrown more like a fastball pitch in baseball with a scooping motion and can be thrown in two ways. A "Thumber" involves hooking your thumb into the underside of the disc, while the "Tomahawk" essentially uses the forehand grip. Both throw over the shoulder and produce opposing flight patterns respectively. The disc will flip in the air up to one side, then slice back down in the opposite direction. These shots are ideal when there is a tall obstacle in the distance with the target behind it, and a narrow fairway to throw down.


The scoober throw is performed with a grip similar to a forehand, but with a bit more of a pinch. The throw uses a fair bit of wrist snap and upper body movement, but unlike an overhead, this throw takes place almost entirely in front of the chest and below ear level. The disc is thrown upside down and released at a steep angle up and away from the body allowing it to start on a turn but then flatten out and finish straight. This is good for getting around obstacles that are near with the target fairly close.


This is another relatively short range shot that allows you to avoid obstacles that are directly in your path and low enough to throw over without too much angle. The grip is a bit tough to control as the thumb is placed in the centre of the underside of the disc, with the rest of the fingers lining the outside edge around one side, like holding a serving tray.  Like a light overhand pitch, the fingers rotate around starting the discs spin as it's tossed away from the body.


The putt throw is performed by holding the disc with your fingers on the underside and your thumb on the top, and throwing the disc with a gentle, controlled motion toward the basket. This throw is used for short, precise shots that require accuracy and finesse. There are two stances for this throw, the first with one foot forward and the other back and throwing the put in line with your body to the target. The other is a wide stance perpandicular to the target where you reach down between your legs and then throw directly away from your body. This method is used to maintain control on longer putts.


Each of these throws has its own unique characteristics and applications, and mastering them all is key to becoming a successful disc golfer. By understanding the different types of throws and when to use them, you can improve your game and take on even the most challenging disc golf courses with confidence!

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